Wildlife Control

As urban sprawl increases, so does the frequency of conflicts between humans and wildlife. Rapid development in and around cities displaces wildlife from what was once wild lands. As a result, more and more animals are being forced to live and breed in and around homes, businesses, and other human-occupied buildings.

The animals are just trying to survive, of course. But the increasing proximity between wild animals and humans also causes increases in property damage; increased frequency of animal attacks upon humans, domestic animals and livestock; and increased risk of diseases like rabies, mange, histoplasmosis, and other diseases.

Flying squirrel trapping, removal and control

Gray squirrel trapping, removal and control

Raccoon trapping, removal and control

Coyote trapping, removal and control

Opossum trapping, removal and control

Fox trapping, removal, and control

Mole Control

Muskrat trapping and removal

Snake removal

Skunk trapping and removal

Animal Damage Repairs and Exclusion

Dead Animal Removal

Garden Variety Pest Moles, Voles, Rabbits, Gophers and Woodchucks